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A pool water maintenance product stemming from laboratory research and tested in thousands of pools.

A pool water product that provides for maintaining clean water while using a lot less disinfectants, and which helps decrease the concentrations of all other chemical necessary maintenance products.


Once a week, it will help you keep your water clear – so clear in fact that you’ll lose any notion of depth.

Easy to use and cost-efficient

Algarine helps you save time and money, because it it is designed to help you use significantly less disinfectant and other chemical products. Used once a week, Algarine simplifies maintenance operations and reduces the time you need to invest in this chore every week.

Stabilized water

Contrary to the first-generation product, Algarine stands out thanks to the increased stabilizing power of its ingredients:


A weekly application of Algarine simplifies pool water maintenance no matter the weather. What’s more, it helps save on the following products:

You’ll thus have to invest less time and money.


algarine – a formulation made up of stabilized ingredients balanced for maximum efficiency.
A product that optimizes pool water maintenance.

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