A product that stems from a chlorine allergy, a dream, and a bit of luck.

In 1996, the inventor of algarine had the chance to knock on the door of a renowned laboratory and to spark the interest of a brilliant chemist, Dr. F. Ablenas. A multidisciplinary team then managed to leverage the potential of this unique product. In short, this is what led to the emergence of this new category of pool water maintenance product.

Today, algarine is the second-generation product engineered by this team as they keep on striving to improve their offer. algarine always clearly illustrates the original company mission: to make available a differentiated product that facilitates pool maintenance.

And the adventure continues!

algarine, the story of a second–generation product

The findings

Consultations with thousands of pool owners have allowed us to evaluate water clarity and quality problems occuring during heat waves :

Pool owners share a common objective: Keep their water clear and clean at all times, that is exempt of disinfectant odours, and use a minimum of chemical products.

Many owners therefore resort to trial – and often error. Costly products that are often antagonistic if not plainly inefficient are used in an attempt to solve the problem . . . with mitigated results.

Miracle products already on the market often just aggravate the problem.

“Can I ever hope to swim in water instead of a chemical soup?”

The mandate

Our technical team was mandated to develop:

“Water so clear you’ll no longer be able to gauge its depth.”

The result

After performing numerous laboratory tests, our chemists and biologists carefully selected from a long list of ingredients the most remarkable in terms of efficiency and stability.

Thousands of stability and formulation tests have finally provided for creating a product that optimizes the efficiency of the others and provides for saving time and money.

Over the subsequent years, thousands of in-pool tests have allowed us to confirm that those objectives were met.

algarine is a unique, mild, easy-to-use and efficient product at all times.

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